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Last year, the U.S. imposed sanctions on Turkey's weapons procurement industry in response to the decision.. Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, the senior Republican on the committee, called Turkey's purchase ...

Iran Unveiled New Weapon Systems. This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew) A new surveillance radar, Alborz, and a command-and-control (C2) system, Borhan, were unveiled by the Iranian Army's Air Defense Force. The Army has also tested a new version of its Mesad-16 surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. The Alborz was described by ...
Turkey invented genocide and unleashed it on the Armenians beginning in 1915. When Mustapha Kemal Ataturk initiated the Ottoman-to-Turkey name change in 1923, no decree was signed ending the Genocide. In fact, it continues today. Turkey is the original terrorist state - this is the new narrative. Turkey Finds a Perfect Fit in Azerbaijan
    1. Last year, the U.S. imposed sanctions on Turkey's weapons procurement industry in response to the decision.. Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, the senior Republican on the committee, called Turkey's purchase ...
    2. 8 of the Craziest New Weapons in Far Cry 6. From enemy-mulching electricity guns to missile-blasting backpacks, here are 8 crazy awesome weapons in Far Cry 6 that will surely put a maniacal smile ...
    3. At a time when there is no fighting, and new prospects for peace have taken hold, Russia, Turkey and other countries that have inserted themselves into Libya's struggle "are burrowing in."
    4. Syrian Civilians Attacked by Terrorists Using American Weapons. by Vanessa Beeley / July 24th, 2021. ... In May, Sedat Peker, a gangster and former aide of Turkish President Recep Erdogan exposed the trafficking of weapons and vehicles from Turkey to Al Qaeda by a contractor called SADAT that was run by Erdogan's former military advisor.
    5. Turkish Companies Team Up For New Armed USV Projects. Turkish defense companies Aselsan and Sefine Shipyard unveiled two unmanned surface vessel (USV) projects on July 8. The partners conducted the steel cutting of an Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW)-purposed USV named "NB57", and the first welding of an anti-surface warfare (ASuW) variant ...
    6. "Any new purchases by Turkey must mean new sanctions." Last week, Erdogan said the continuous pressure on Turkey over its purchase of the S-400 system is unacceptable . Erdogan pointed out that the United States made a mistake by refusing to sell Turkey F-35 fighter jets under the pretext of the S-400 purchase.
    7. 8 Department of State, "Actions in Turkey's Parliament," March 17, 2021. 9 Jonathan Spicer, "When Erdogan's Turkish economic miracle began failing," Reuters , July 15, 2021. 10 Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of New York, "Turkish Bank Charged In Manhattan
    8. The following is the April 19, 2021 Congressional Research Service report, International Discussions Concerning Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems. From the report Lethal autonomous weapon systems ...
    9. Oct 04, 2021 · Egypt’s Growing International Renown is Undeniable October 4, 2021; Mom’s Use of Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Lead to ADHD, Autism in Babies October 4, 2021; Why Nuclear Power Has been Demonized – Exposing the Green New Deal October 4, 2021; YouTube Changes Policy, Bans Mercola Within Hours October 3, 2021
    Now, the key difference between TEWS and the Multi-Domain Operations Weapon System is the electronic attack portion using power from the vehicle. Under the new contract, General Dynamics will test those power measures with the new Infantry Squad Vehicle to outfit the system, according to c4isrnet.com.
Turkey pushes new precision-guided weapons and rockets Ankara is following Western, Chinese and Israeli achievements by building miniature, hypersonic and 'directed-energy' weapons.

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Myanmar has seen a new deployment of heavy weapons and there are reports of mass arrests, torture, and summary executions, the UN Human Rights Office said on Friday. ... Turkey has administered ...

China May Have Tested New Electromagnetic Weapon: Report. Hercules Reyes August 26, 2021. Less than a minute. China may have successfully brought down a drone using a potent electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in what could be its first demonstration of a new advanced weapon. According to a South China Morning Post report, citing sources from the ...Turkey slams US for continued support to YPG ISTANBUL. Turkey's defense minister has criticized the United States for continuing its support to the YPG in northern Syria, recalling no success can be attained in the Middle East by ignoring Turkey's role and place. "We can resolve the S-400 and F-35 problems with the U.S. one way or another. But we cannot go anywhere without solving the ...

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