Arriving today by 10pm but not out for delivery

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Then today, I got a notification that it had finally left my local facility and was out for delivery today, and would be here sometime prior to 8pm. 5:01 pm PST came, and my tracking status updated back to "At local facility" once again, basically kinda letting me know, that my package is no longer en route, and I probably shouldn't even ...

ABOVE: A table and 6 chairs just got delivered. Sheesh, I had forgotten it was arriving today! Just as well I was busy sewing, and not out shopping. Stew and I will check it over tonight to make sure there's no damage to the contents.
Apr 12, 2014 · Can somebody kindly help me out with this formula? I only have the data for the date shipped, the date of arrival, but the condition is if the shipment is not yet arrived then it would be tagged as EARLY, if it is cleared within 7 days it is considered ON TIME, if more than 7 days it is considered LATE. Please help. Thanks, Daryl
    1. By texting "follow" and your door tag number to 48773 (ex: follow DT999999999999). By calling 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339) and say "track my package," then follow the prompts. To pick up your missed delivery: Bring the door tag or tracking number and a government-issued photo ID to your pickup location.
    2. Dec 18, 2014 · Air Parcel Courier. Regional Head Office UK. +447937459922 11th April 2016. Dear Ms. xAC With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Singaporean customs for some reasons which happens to violate the shipping policies.
    3. The USPS is quite out of hand! It's getting ridiculous. When your package is Out for Delivery by 8pm and it doesn't show, is it REALLY hard to changed the status to the next day?! I've had packages be out for delivery by 8pm, not show up, then I lock up. Not 10 minutes later (after I lock up of course) my tracking updates, "Could not be delivered.
    4. Current waiting time. Wait times are assessed automatically as follows: on departure, the passenger’s boarding pass is scanned when he/she enters the queue, then again just before he/she begins the individual screening process and, on arrival, when the passenger lines up in the visitors or residents queue in the primary inspection area and ...
    5. So I decided to contact Amazon and inquire about a possible solution. My package was due to be delivered before 8 pm that day, there was a delivery delay on the package at 4 pm that day noted in tracking. Finding a contact form is the tough part, I was not able to do this on my laptop. I was able to find a contact form on the mobile app.
    6. Looks like I'm not alone. I've had a package stuck in transit from Coppell TX to Carrollton TX for 7-days now. For those that don't know -- Coppell is about 20 minutes from the Carrollton post office. It was scheduled for delivery on Dec. 1 and was not even updated until Dec. 3 with a DELAYED/IN TRANSIT not going to be delivered on expected date.
    7. UPS Ground packages are generally delivered anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (and sometimes later) to residences, and to business addresses during their normal business hours Monday through Friday. Weekend delivery is available in eligible locations. Learn more about our weekend services.
    8. Update: there are many Priority mail packages I mailed on the 19th that are out for delivery today! That 2-3 day turn around must have really taken a hit this week!!! Maybe due to weather? Volume? Or maybe rural areas? Anyway, many arriving today! 🎅
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    Almost five decades since first arriving on the bayou, Clements is still as much a member of the Nicholls football family today as he was back then. "I love learning their names," Clements said.
Amazon previously said delivery was scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th. But on the evening of May 18th I received an email stating that it had shipped and would be delivered on May 19th by 8:00 PM. I confirmed this through FedEx tracking once I was given a tracking number. If it matters: I am a Prime Member and ordered this on June 6, 2014.

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The feature gives you a real-time map of your Amazon package delivery as it's in transit, letting you watch a dot on the screen similar to monitoring an incoming Uber or Lyft driver. It was ...

Priority Mail Express has a guaranteed delivery date based on the Post Office where the mailpiece was dropped off, when it was dropped off, and the delivery zip code. If your Priority Mail Express mailpiece is not delivered by the guaranteed time, you can request a refund at Refunds will no longer be processed at Post Office locations."Today's vote in the U.S. Senate demonstrates a growing and high level of support for Keystone XL both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives," said a statement from company ...Two were delivered on the weekend, and one was delivered at 7 pm today. The last one was "Delayed in transit due to missed connection" last Friday, and "Delivery reschedule for the next business day" on Monday, before finally being "On vehicle for delivery" today (Tuesday).

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